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The eighties were great!!

New York was alive with any and every kind of music, artists' galley openings, dance, you name it... But contrary to popular belief there was a seeming innocence that allowed people to really enjoy life...

Tina's hit "Nothin's gonna Come Easy" was featured in Harry Belfonte's cult classic "Beat Street".

Dance Music Report -November 16 – November 30, 1984 - Tina B

“Nothin’s Gonna Come Easy” (Atlantic 12”)

Produced by Arthur Baker and John Robie

Well, here’s the understated record of the year!

Looks like Tina B’s got a big record on her hands. After initially assaulting the dance market, look for this cut to break out black and then Top 40. It’s Ronnie Spector all the way here. This will be the single to make the lady’s career. The hook is hot and hard to avoid. The best release from both her LP and the second volume of the “Beat Street” soundtrack.

The vocal mix features Mme. B’s strong vocal (oftentimes Spector-ishly layered) and understated production work. Possibly the best Baker/Robie collaboration to date… at least non-hip-hop oriented-wise. We’re given the vocal in two versions: long and short.

The dub version features a lot of vocal/musical hook layering and has an overall bright feel to it. Very accessible.

Highly recommended. Should break out quickly. Probably out-of-the-box add. Career maker.


"Testimonial" was written and performed by Tina and Mitch Kaplan as part of their duo, A Man and A Woman. It was featured in Jonathan Demme's acclaimed 1986 film Something Wild. Tina is also featured with Jimmy Cliff on the track "You Don't Have to Cry" from the film.


Something Wild

Featuring career-best performances from Ray Liotta, Meanie Griffiths and Jeff Daniels and also peopled with Jonathan Demme regulars Something Wild is a movie to be watched not once but many times. And I have to say it keeps getting better every time.

A Classic

Phil Martyn


The Wraith is a horror movie starring Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes, Sheriyn Fenn, and Randy Quaid. The plot involves a mysterious car and driver who takes his revenge on a drag racing gang in a small desert town. The film achieved major cult status and personifies the 'Teen Horror' idiom.

Tina co-wrote "Wake Up Call" with Ian Hunter, Arthur Baker, and Tommy Mandel. The song (performed by Ian) is featured on The Wraith soundtrack.

[Tom Mandel] Wake Up Call was a song that Ian, Arthur Baker and Tina B were working on, and Ian asked me to come in (or maybe Arthur did, because I'd been doing some sessions at his studio in that period.) They were nice enough to give me writing credit on the tune for just making up some keyboard ideas and recording with them. It may have been that I was a link between Ian's song-oriented approach to music, and Arthur's electronic and groove approach.

wraith31 wraith13

Eight Arms To Hold You


Tina teamed with the Goon Squad to work on the Arthur Baker production of "Eight Arms To Hold You" for the film "The Goonies".

The movie was a major Hollywood block buster and the song is recognised as a production landmark and was recently re-edited as part of the Audio Cutting Wizzards 2007 Remixes.

Check out the original, and eleven (wow) new versions.

Eight Arms To Hold You


New versions plus review


I remember first reading about the Goon Squad in Billboard Magazine back in 1985. Arthur Baker was at the helm of the production, so I knew it had to be excellent. I would buy anything with Mr. Baker's name attached to it along with anything that had edits done by the Latin Rascals!!! So, as you've guessed it, I ran out and bought the record right then!!! When I came home, I was blown away by what I would hear: those hard beats, a great melodic hook and refrain, an emulator solo, jaw-dropping percussion courtesy of Jimmy Bralower, and those wildly addictive edits from my favorites, Tony and Albert!!!! I was in a swoon over the sounds I experienced that day and have been ever since I would hear this record. And now, with my precious Editheadz remixing this gem, it has now achieved a new status and realm it never had before!!!

Jeffrey - Bonus Beats

In 1985 Tina added her voice to the anti-apartheid anthem "Sun City". (Artists United Against Apartheid.)

Organized and produced by Little Steven and Arthur Baker, this was one of the first protest albums and marked the moment when musicians realised that by working together they could highlight problems and injustices and help change things.

A who's who's of celebrities and legendary musicians contributed including Miles Davis, George Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Star plus many others. (Can you imagine Miles Davis and Bruce Springsteen working together?)

More info about


JAZZY 5 & The Kryptic Krew "Jazzy sensation"

The first record released on Tommy Boy in 1981 was also the first record for Afrika Bambaataa and Tina B as artists.

It's an Arthur Baker production one year before the anthem "Planet Rock". They use the "Funky Sensation" of Gwen Mc Crae for the music.

Jazzy Sensation - Manhattan


"You Look Marvelous" Billy Crystal

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In 1985 Arthur Baker was in can't miss mode. His production skills providing Billy Crystal with a huge U.S. hit.

He bought Tina in to provide the background vocals for the single, so she got to work with the funny guy himself and fondly remembers 'a laugh a N.Y.C. minute.'

The full album has recently been reissued and the video featured here from YouTube is often seen on TV in countries all across the globe.


 This is a reissue of Billy Crystal's 1985 album (his only album, as far as I know). Most of the tracks here are taken from a live standup performance at The Bottom Line in New York City. It's pretty funny stuff. But the highlight is the studio recording "I Hate When That Happens", which features Billy and Christopher Guest doing their "Willie & Frankie" characters from Saturday Night Live.

There is also a song by "Fernando Lamas" called "You Look Marvelous", which is pretty funny. The album closes with "Fernando's Special Gift", which is an answering machine message you could actually use on your machine, if you wanted. Billy's fans should enjoy this album.

Johnny Heering


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Tina B helped define a musical movement that is still influencing dance music today.

Through the 1980s there was an explosion of new music coming out of New York City. Tina B's Honey To A Bee, Bodyguard and Give It All For Love contributed to the legacy and sound as fresh today as the day they were released.

She enjoyed working with some of the most influential writers and producers in pop history. Her singles have been added to dozens of compilation albums and are still played on radio stations all over the world.

Her collaboration with DJ producer Arthur Baker resulted in her first major hit under her own name "Honey To A Bee".

Her following single "Bodyguard" was written by Tina and David Cole of C&C Music Factory who was at that time the king of dance/pop. The Bodyguard video was directed by Beastie Boy Adam Yauch and features Arthur Baker and Mike Dee (also of Beastie fame).

She wrote for atists like New Edition, Tevin Campbell and Jeff Beck and put her vocal signature on the records of some of the greatest artists of the day.


Nothin's gonna Come Easy

Latin Rascal - Remix