In 1986, Tina teamed up
A Man and A Woman

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Ker was Tina's first classical ambient cross-over album. Co-written with Tom Salta and produced by Tom and Philippe Saisse, the album explores some of Tina's favorite classical works. Including: Go I Go, Au Fond des Bois and Fairytales.

Like OperaTronix once you start playing it you will want to listen all the way through, enjoying Tina's radical but respectfull arrangments of these classic's will sooth and amuse you.

OperaTronix is an ambitious cross-over album where the line between classical, pop and dance music is obscured by Tina's unique talent for stretching classical themes to point where you ask what was composed by Tina and what was borrowed from master composers like Beethoven and Mozart.

Produced by Tina, Merv de Peyer, John Robie and George Christle the album OperaTonix is a journey that takes the listener beyond both classical and pop music.

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01 Parigi o caro

02 O Mio Babbino

03 Only You

04 Vissi D'arte

05 Quella Fiamma

06 When I am Laid in Earth

07 Beau Soir

08 Miazmo

09 Pace'

10 Only You (Tu Che di Gel)

11 Ach Ich Fuhls

Download OperaTronix (.zip = 43.1MB)

01 Every Time I Look At You

02 Fools and Angels

03 One Heart

04 I Keep Telling Myself

05 How Can A Heart

06 Each Time You Go

07 Don't Tell A Soul

08 Wild Wild World

09 Count My Blessings

10 Fist Full Of Rain

11 Give It All For Love

Download Artful Dodger (.zip = 41.7MB)

01 Bodyguard

02 January, Febuary

03 Miracles Explode

04 Honey To A Bee

05 Somethings Gotta Give

06 Nothin's Gonna Come Easy

07 Oh Baby

08 Queen Beat

09 Why Did You Do It

10 Gotta Make This Love

11 Give It All For Love

Download The Singles (.zip = 62.8MB)

Tina's live performance at London's trendy Hoxton Square club UnderBelly is now available on YouTube.

Tina’s introductions to the different classical pieces is an important part of her magnetic appeal, as she explains the stories behind some of the world's most well known melodies.



Artful Dodger

The Singles


Some Things Are Timeless (EP)

01 If You Go Away

02 Fallen Angel

03 All In Love Is Fair

04 You Are Everything


The album was Recorded at the end of 1980's, produced by Michael Baker and Axel Kroel (Wet Wet Wet), Arthur Baker, Fred Zarr and John Dexter.

Sadly it was never released... Another victim of major label mishaps.

The good news is..

Now it's available here!...


Artful Dodger


A Man and a Woman

01 Another World

02 Every Time I Look At You

03 Give It Al For Love

04 I Won't Stand In Your Way

05 Love Is The Only Thing

06 Ordinary Day

07 Rome Wasn't Built (in a Day)

08 Tears For Tuesday

09 The Way She Loves Him

11 Give It All For Love

Download A Man and a Woman (.zip = 44.6MB)

Tina B collaborated with UK producer Ray Hayden and Opaz Records to record 'Some Things Are Timeless'.

This album fuses Classical and Soul music and provides Tina with the perfect vehicle to showcase Tina's unique Classical/Pop vocals.

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Tina B’s distinguished career as an artist provides only half of her musical story.

She has performed on dozens of records as a background vocalist (BVD’s), as well as performing live with artists like Bruce Springsteen, Carly Simon, Jimmy Cliff, U2, New Order, Madonna and many other’s..

Listen to the music and find out more about Tina's musical career here...


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