"Tina B- One of pop music’s best kept secrets... " [John Vlautin]

A native of Brooklyn, New York, and a self-defined “street-kid”, Tina B literally began singing before she learned to walk. At age 11 she formed her first band. Through her teens, and into college, Tina continued to pursue her musical interest with a passion. Then she met Arthur Baker, who was then an aspiring producer. As time went on, Tina became increasing involved in contributing to Arthur’s various projects, both as a vocalist and as a songwriter.

Tina’s recording debut was with Afrika Bambaataa and the Jazzy Five on the first ever record on Tommy Boy, “Jazzy Sensation, ” which was produced by Arthur Baker (who then went on to create with Bambaataa the seminal “Planet Rock”). Tina’s first big break came with Rockers Revenge, an Arthur Baker-produced dance group. Their first single, a remake of Eddy Grant’s “Walkin’ on Sunshine”, went to #1 on Billboard’s dance chart and went platinum in England, reaching #4 on the

UK pop charts. Shortly after that, she was signed by Elektra Records and her first solo album, entitled “Tina B”, produced by Arthur and John Robie, contains the underground hip-hop classic “Honey to a Bee”. A Latin Rascals remix of this classic was released again a few years later on Vinyl Mania Records in New York. “Honey to a Bee” continues to appear on compilations and remains a club classic.

Continuing her collaboration with the Latin Rascals, Tina released “January February” (penned by Andy Panda, who also co-produced) on Arthur Baker’s Criminal Records, which was followed by the Arthur Baker produced “Miracles Explode”, mixed by Junior Vasquez. She then went on to record for A&M Records with her single “Bodyguard”, co-written with David Cole of C&C Music Factory and produced by David and Arthur Baker, topping the dance charts in the US. The video for Bodyguard was written and produced by Adam Yauch of Beastie fame and features Arthur Baker and Mike Dee (also a Beastie). As a pop diva, Tina worked with some of the best managers in the business, including Tommy Mottola, Rick Newman and Russell Simmons.

Tina B is also an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and performer. In addition to co-writing most of her material, she has co-written and sung songs for the soundtracks of the cutting edge rap film “Beat Street”, and for Jonathan’s Demme’s breakthrough film “Something Wild”. After Steven Van Zandt heard one of Tina’s songs, he pulled her in to work on his quickly growing “Sun City” project. Tina’s vocal imprint is on every track of the “Sun City” album. She also performed with Little Steven at the Meadowlands show of the Amnesty International “Conspiracy of Hope” tour (doubling as member of his Disciples of Soul band and the supergroup “Artists United Against Apartheid”). She has provided supportive vocals for artists as diverse as Imagination, Jimmy Cliff, Steve Van Zandt, Carly Simon, Madonna, Al


Green, Freeze, U2 and Bruce Springsteen and penned and performed on songs for an amazing and articulate array of top talent including Jeff Beck, Ian Hunter, Neneh, Jennifer Holiday and Tevin Campbell (featured on his platinum debut album). July 1991 saw her first #1 hit as a songwriter, with the West End Girls’ version of “Not Like Kissing You” topping the Canadian pop chart. Tina also collaborated on the music for the children's TV series "Bamboo Bears", which played all over the world.

Tina started her opera studies in New York City in the mid-90’s with Maestro Vincent La Selva of the New York Grand Opera Company, performing in workshop performances of Puccini’s LaBoheme (as both Mimi and Musetta) and Verdi’s Traviata (as Violetta). Ms. B currently studies with acclaimed Welsh tenor, Jeffrey Talbot in London. Through her collaboration with new York-based producer Tom Salta (which they called Ker) Tina recorded a selection of original classical/pop compositions.

Since making London her homebase several years ago, Tina has had a residency at Bartok, a former Mean Fiddler venue in Camden that features an eclectic mix of classical and modern music. In 2002, a dance remix of “Si Mia Vita”, an original classical composition from the Ker project penned by Ms B and Tom Salta, was released on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label as part of producer Arthur Baker’s dance compilation “Breakin”. Tina has performed Si Mia Vita on BBC Radio as well as on Lijne 4, Amsterdam’s hottest morning television show.